Monday, March 17, 2008

Warning: This Blog Contains Many Expletives

I try to keep it clean but this is too much. Our fucking car has been nicked! Some bastard stole our fucking car last night from right outside our house! Fucking wankers! So there's 700 pounds ($1,400) down the drain. Fantastic. We got everything ready (i.e. the dog and all her gear) to go to Paul's mom's house, went outside to get in the car and it was gone. And of course it happens the night before we're meant to go pick up our box of stuff that just arrived from the states.

The only good news is that our box of stuff arrived from the states!! And all in good condition. We got a taxi to Paul's mom's and loaded some of it up in her car and made one trip to the house. Having all our belongings from the old apartment in the new house is making me really homesick. Everywhere are smells of my parents basement, our old place, our old life. But it is nice to have our personalities injected into the house finally. It was so lifeless before, just borrowed furniture and a new TV. Now I have my pictures, dishes, knick-knacks, photo albums, treasure boxes, games, insects, movies, books and the small piece of my soul that goes along with all my tangibles.

It's been a bitter sweet day. Excuse me while I go make myself a vodka tonic.

What Tickled My Pickle About England was my bloody car!! Bloody thieving English bastards!


Jina said...

Thats terrible! I'm sorry that happened to you guys, you totally didn't deserve to get your car stolen. I wish car thieves would think about whose life they may be making worse before doing something so rotten. =[

Hopefully things will start getting better and nothing else like that will happen. Love you <3.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad about your car...did it turn up like my stolen car did? I felt gross in my car after it got stolen, like, what exactly went on in there? Eww...

I hope things are looking up by now! Your dog sure is cute!