Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Day In The Life

Here's what I've been doing this entire last week:

6:30am-Wake up with Bean, go outside for a potty break
7:00am-Play “please don't bite my face off”
8:00am-Eat breakfast
8:15am-Potty break
8:30am-Nap time for us both
9:30am-Potty break
9:45am-Play “kill the blanket!”
10:15am-Nap time
11:15am-Potty break
11:30am-Play “please don't eat the carpet”
12:00pm-Eat lunch
12:15pm-Potty break
12:30pm-Nap time
1:30pm-Potty break
1:45pm-Play “on the couch, off the couch, on the couch, off the couch”
2:00pm-Nap time
3:00pm-Potty break
3:15pm-Play “hop on pop”
3:30pm-Nap time
4:00pm-Potty break
4:10pm-Eat second lunch
4:25pm Potty break
4:30pm-Nap time
5:30pm-Potty break
5:40pm-Play “my fingers are not sausages”
6:00pm-Potty break
6:10pm-Nap Time
7:00pm-Potty break
7:10pm-Play “I hate my collar and want it dead ”
8:00pm-Eat dinner
8:15pm-Potty break
8:25pm-Watch Bean totally spaz out and some Law & Order
9:00pm-Potty break
9:10pm-Put Bean to bed for the night
2:00am-Potty break
2:10am-Clean pee or poo out of crate
2:20am-Back to bed
4:00am-Potty break
4:10am-Back to bed
6:30am-Start all over again!

That is literally all I've been up to, with the exception of a few trips out with Bean in my handbag. Did you know that puppies need 16 to 18 hours of sleep everyday? And double the number of trips outside! Or that their bladders are the last thing to develop? It hasn't been easy being a full time puppy butler. It's a lot like having a baby in the house. And those late night/early morning potty breaks can be excruciating and involve me following her ass around with a flashlight. But she's learned her name and that makes it all worth it!

She's got an appointment to get her second set of shots next week and then a week after that she can go out into the real world. I can't wait to get outside and go to the park (or anywhere for that matter). But by that time I'll be starting work! Yikes! My life, and therefore blog, will get more interesting in the very near future! I promise! But for the time being I'm pretty much stuck in the house. Paul's away in Newcastle running a show for a few days, so I have no back up. But soon things will change and to be honest it can't happen soon enough. I can feel the cabin fever coming on, I've been chatting to the dog a lot and believe she can understand me, I've been stealing flowers from the neighbors yard and rearranging the furniture nearly everyday. Must...get...out...

What Tickles My Pickle About England is old British people (commonly referred to as "pensioners"). They're all over the place here! And I'm not talking young 60 year olds, I'm talking 80 year old people! You see them riding bicycles, walking everywhere, shopping in the shops, riding on the bus, smoking cigarettes in the laundrette and roaming around freely at any given time. Old British people love to make their daily rounds to the "charity shops". They walk along the high street and shuffle in, just to see if any new jumpers or puzzles have arrived. Old British people love to gather in small groups on the sidewalk (preferably right in front of the doors to the grocery store) and have a good chat. They love to talk about what they watched on telly the previous night, rude bus drivers and the rising cost of baked beans. There's just something different and fantastic about old people in Britain. It's like no one has ever told them they're old and should stay inside all day. They're independent, social, funny and even nice! They truly give me hope for my future.


Anonymous said...

What a cute pup! What kind of doggie is that? I look forward to your blog so much while I am at work and searching the depths of the net in bordem, so THANK YOU for the laughs. Miss you muchos!

Jina said...

Awwww Beans is adorable! Sounds like hard work taking care of her, but it must be worth it. When I first heard that you were getting a puppy, I pictured you walking around with a dog just like Beans in your purse. =] Haha speaking of pets, Wufka is sitting on my shoulder like some kind of parrot, as i'm typing this.

The old people there sound so much more interesting than the old people here. Nice old people?! Wow. Haha. They ussually only care about getting in front of people in lines because they're old and think that they deserve to be first. That is really funny though.

Beans is adorable! And I miss you!

Shawny P said...

Good golly he's cute!

I look forward to being a crochety, but active old man. Actually, I'm kind of already that, aren't I...

Miss you guys!