Monday, January 19, 2009

13 More Days Till Possible Baby Droppage!

The official count down has begun! But mark my words, this child will be born in February. My moneys on one week late, so around February 7th. However I swear I'm going into labour every night at about 2:00am when I'm awoken by horrible cramps in my belly region. But it always turns out that I just have to pee like a ninja.

Can I just take this opportunity to do a bit of bitchun? K, thanks...

Dude, this part of pregnancy is soooooo hard! It's way more uncomfortable than I thought it would be! For example: I can now only sleep on my left hand side (which is like prison in your own bed), I have to take a breather on the middle of the stairs, I need help getting out of the bathtub, I can't tie my own shoes, shaving my "side burns" has jumped up the danger scale to that of angry bear wrestling due to the fact that I can't actually see down there AT ALL, getting off the couch should be considered an Olympic event, I can only eat very small meals or my stomach feels like it's going to burst open, I walk like a toddler in five inch platforms and I'm farting constantly.

Yay pregnant!

In other news...we had a smashing party at ours last weekend for my birthday. Loads of people came over and I got lots of great gifts and cards! Since it was relatively alcohol free we made a big effort with the food. Paul made a great spinach and coconut curry, we had a cheese board, veggie tray and I made my mom's most amazing zucchini bread.

One of my favorite gifts was this box of delicious home made chocolates from Terry and Stu. Needless to say it's already gone.

This baby is like 90% zucchini bread, cause I've made it so many times. It's one of my main cravings. Over here they don't use the word zucchini, it's "courgette" (oh la,la!)

So far the Doonlet is still head down (yess!!) but we are back to back (nooooooo!!!!) which means a longer and more painful labour. Oh god no. But it's better than breech which means a c-section. He still has ample time to change position so all is not lost. I can tell that he's running out of room in there as his movements get stronger but smaller and he always kicks and pushes in the same spots on both sides.

Interesting fact I learned from the BBC recently, babies are born preferring the accent of their mothers. Ha! Score one for the American half of this Brit baby!! Sorry Paul, you'll just have to put on your crap American accent if you want any attention from your son.

I've had the funniest reactions from the black and white belly shots I posted! Mainly "Jesus Christ!" and "Whoa!" and my personal favorite "Belly-Yes. Button-No" (Pants, you so funny!). I spose I did forget to mention the fact that my belly button is gone. And here I always thought they got bigger! But mines gone on walkabout.

My beautiful and good friend Leah has suggested I post a blog when I go into labour. Which I have now taken as a challenge. I plan on labouring at home as long as possible so I'm gonna try my hardest to let everyone know when it all kicks off.

And the best news of best friend Jenn has officially bought her tickets to Birmingham!!!! I can't believe someone is actually visiting us!!! She gets here on February 20th and leaves much too soon after that. She's coming to help with the baby. So lets all hope that there's a baby to help with by that time.

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Anonymous said...

Oh the anticipation! I can't even imagine how anxious you guys are! I wanna guess a date. Why didn't we get a baby pool going on you for a $20 buy in? I'm always looking for gambling opportunties...Feb 4th is my guess. Also in other news, I just read this article in the NYtimes and couldn't help but pass it along.

Love you!