Monday, January 12, 2009

Belly At 37 Weeks

50% More Artsy, 100% More Fartsy!


Napkin's Family said...

Beautiful! So glad you got these photos!

judyette said...

holy cow!!!
(and that doesn't mean anything other than an expression of great awe:)
yes, primal is a fitting word... in childbirth, artificial societal dignity may be out the window, but then you know the much deeper, universal, feminine dignity of having created new life! scream on.....
wow. you are really close now.
i'm thinking of you nearly constantly.
much much love :) :)

judyette said...

as i've been going about my chores and such these last couple daze, i keep seeing the image in my mind of the pic of you standing by the window. you are sooooo incredibly beautiful!!!