Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pregnant Temp...isn't that an oxymoron?

I’ve started my second week with the In-patient Neuro Rehabilitation Unit. And things are going great! I share an office with 1-6 people, depending on the day. I sit at a massive U shaped desk that wraps around the room. I mainly work with Julie who is a PA to a few of the doctors and a real kick in the pants. I do paperwork, filing, email checking, calendar fiddling and whatever else floats my way. I eat lunch with “the girls” everyday in the canteen. I leave happy at 4:30 every afternoon. Everyone is helpful and genuinely friendly.

The only problem is getting used to the fact that I this isn’t actually my job. I’m making phone lists for myself and personalizing my desktop, but why? I might only be here until the end of October. I’ve never temped before so I spose it’s all a force of habit. Get a job, make friends, settle in and start marking your territory with Post-It reminders, family photographs and Far Side comics, right? But I can’t do that this time. It's weird.

Things are going real good with the "scone in the oven" as my wonder twin Matt says. I've been feeling what I was pretty sure were kicks for the past few weeks. And then a few days ago I SAW a kick! That's never happened to me before, I thought. It must be baby and not just windy-pops! So I laid really still and waited for another. It was small but it moved! Of course I was alone and had no one to scream with delight to. But all the same, it was magical. These sudden dance moves were brought on by Lucozade, a fizzy sports drink. I must try that again when Paul is here.

I totally scored on ebay again. I got a practically new pram (stroller) & travel system. All for 25 pounds! Bargain! Oh and we picked up a posh changing table/bath for only 11! My god, I should go pro ebay shopper. I'll post a picture of the baby's room as soon as it's finished.

We have a big day tomorrow, hopefully. It's my 20 week scan and we might be able to find out if this is a girl bump or a boy bump. I can't wait! And of course I will tell you guys immediately! So watch this space!

And now for the Belly Shot! So forget all about my going on and on about looking fat. I'm way past that now. I look amazing! It's a proper bump now! I'm so proud.

Still no ass.

See ya tomorrow!!!

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