Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bump and Batman

Holy crap, it's September. When did that happen? I'm feeling really good and all is well. I had a little probelm a few days ago and had to go to the hospital. I wasn't panicing until I did some self diagnosis online, always a bad idea. And then I had a bit of a cry and called the midwife the next day. It was just a girlie problem, pretty common, nothing everyone wants to hear about. Just know (Mom & Pops) that bump and I are happy and healthy.

I finally got in with NHS! I'm officially a Grade 3 temp now. My first assignment will be at the Moseley Hall Hospital starting next Tuesday. Which is a beautiful campus very near our house. I'll be doing your average admin work and getting paid weekly...very weakly. (Ha!) But it's all worth it for the incredible flexibility and various job opportunities. I'm really looking forward to starting! I'm just not sure how much longer my work trousers will fit. I may have to invest in some maternity clothes soon. But I have to wait until that first check.

Mainly because I blew all our money buying baby things on ebay. I was left home alone last week and went ebay mad! Ya know how it is when you snag one thing last minute style and then you just want more? I spent like 100 pounds (I still have no pound sign on my laptop) and had to make a full confession to Paul the next day. But after the buyers remorse it was like Christmas!!! Waiting everyday to see what the post man would bring, I'd open up my package with glee and say "Oh I forgot I even bought this!". I got a baby bjorn, external frame backpack type carrier, the cutest newborn sweater ever, a little white robe, a tooth pot, fetal heart monitor, a nighttime bottle warming system, loads of newborn clothes, a pair of Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls (because what kid doesn't look absolutlety adorable in those??), a cot bed that turns into a toddler bed and a playmat. Personally I think I did very well for my hundred quid. There are a few things I want to get new, for instance the breast pump, but I don't mind lots of used stuff cause it's so cheap!

Side Note: Dontcha just hate it when you're alone in the house and you've got a bad case of the windy-pops, and since you're all alone you crack one off and fill the room with death. Then the doorbell rings. Oh no! It's the handy man to repair the oven! Shit! And since our front door opens right into our small reception room (the scene of the incident) he's forced into the gas chamber of doom. And try as you might to rush him straight through to the kitchen, he's not having any of it and taking off his shoes at the door! I'd watch it mate, those might be melted by the time you get back.

My new craving this week is Salt & Vinegar Hula Hoops:

These are a British classic. They fit perfectly around your finger tips (like an olive).

I haven't had any comments on here in ages. So I think it's just you and me blog. And I gotta say, I watched the original Batman last night, the one with Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger. Now Michael Keaton in this film certainly isn't what I would call "sexy", what with the jeans pulled up to 1989 and the fuzzy hair. But something happens to his mouth when he puts the Batman mask on. All I can say is MEE-OOW! I may be pregnant and married but could someone please break me off a piece of that?


ColeFamily4 said...

You are so not alone out there!! We love your updates...and can't wait to hear how the Doonlet is doing.

amy said...

Sherrie!!!! I found your blog through Rene's blog through facebook (only slightly stalker-esque) and am so excited to read your "voice"! Congrats again and I'm glad all's well. I'm almost 35 weeks - jay-zuz that's scary. We've just moved from China to Berkeley and everything's a big mess. It's so good to be home again, even though the bay area is a far cry from the good-ness of Portland.


Napkin's Family said...

What the heck! Oh, just a little trip to the hospital...Just WHAT is going ON over there!?!

Was this another incident with a cat?

Anonymous said...

Those salt and vinegar hula hoops look like the snack of my dreams! Is the pink theme on your page indicative of something? eh eh?

Asalie said...

Keep up the good work.