Thursday, September 18, 2008

Here's The Latest Picture Of My...


I can't believe I'm having a boy! I'm so happy I must have cried 14 times, just on the way home! I never in a million years thought it was a boy. Now that I know it is I'm so proud! I can't wait! Even though Paul and I have no experience raising boys, we can work it out. I know you have to be careful when diaper changing, but that's the extend of my knowledge. I'm really looking forward to the new experience! Well, I'm still in shock and I'm really hungry, so I will catch up with everyone real soon, as we have some more exciting news...stay tuned.

A boy! Wow!


Rene said...



i'm so excited for you and that it's a BOY. that boy is gonna be so awesome.

now you've got to start mentally dealing with the fact that you're going to be a hot mom.

Anonymous said...

SHER! Holy crapoly! I am so happy for you! I might start crying too i'm so excited for you! Wow. A wee little Dooney boy! Thanks for keeping us updated about the developments!

Napkin's Family said...

More exciting news!!!! You can't be pregnant again so what is it???

Jina said...

The Doonlet is a boy! Yay, I'm so happy for you!!! It's just so exiting! And now I get to have two fantastic little nephews!=] So I know everyone else is going to ask this too, but have you and Paul thought of any names yet??