Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Three Years Down, Forever To Go!

Paul and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary last week with lots of good food and drink. We went to Il Piatto for dinner and then to Greater Trumps for things with vodka.

Kisses stolen by candle light

Big hands is in love with...

big boobies.

I had the chicken with beets and some corn stuff. It was much tastier than it looks.

Paul had the chicken linguine with caramelized walnuts and pears in a white wine sauce.

All in all the evening was smashing! I bought Paul a book called "The Intellectual Devotional". So he can roam confidently with the cultured class. I also got him the Love Forever Changes CD. I can't tell you what Paul bought me, but I will give you a hint...the third anniversary is leather. I'll just let your mind wonder on that one. Okay, that's enough, reel it in sicko.

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