Tuesday, November 6, 2007

An ode to #309

It's goodbye apartment of my dreams and hello basement of doom. The first time I walked into our old apartment I knew it would be ours, because I had seen a vision. Many months before we moved I had seen us in an apartment with a view of downtown, hardwood floors and jazz playing on the radio. And this apartment matched exactly. We lived at 910 S.E. 37th Ave. #309 for over two years and loved nearly every minute. From this lovely apartment I could see miles of Forest park. I could behold my building, "Big Pink", in all it's glowing glory. I gawked at the drunks outside the Triple Nipple. I watched the trees grow around Laurelhurst park. I spied on the coffee shop across the street. I sat transfixed while thunder storms rolled over the west hills.

We now reside in my parents basement. I can see miles of cobwebs. I can behold the washing machine in all it's sudsy splendor. I watch the mildew grow around the cracks in the walls. I spy on the cat. I sit transfixed as spiders walk over my shoes.

I'm very grateful that my parents have taken us into a house already full with two adults and two teenagers. I'm lucky to have a family that doesn't think twice about letting us live with them rent free. But the spiders are a bit creepy.

Here's some snaps of our old apartment, it will truly be missed. (click on any picture to enlarge)

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