Friday, January 18, 2008

Portland Recap (This Blogs For You Ri-Ri)

The last month or so has blasted by and I have fully neglected my blog. Such great plans I had for my blog, oh the laughs we were going to have. But I found myself internetless and therefore blogless. I will bring you up to date with a quick run down of the last month and a half's events.

We moved out of the basement and into Jenn's townhouse on December 1st. Where we engaged in activities such as this:

And this:
We stayed in Jenn's luxurious spare room
We had a fantastic time, all the time. We played Clue and Rummikub for hours, ate dinner together, drank many bottles of wine, had friends over and tried to force them to play Clue. Jenn and I put on makeup together, did each others hair and traded clothes. We also found time to celebrate Jesus with naughty Christmas cookies:

Then Christmas came and we did Christmasy things like this:
And it snowed! It freakin snowed on Christmas day! We ran outside and our hair looked like this:

Of course after Christmas comes New Years! We played Clue at Jenn's, went to the B.O.G. and then ended up at Jackey's house where we spoke of nonsense and smoked ciggies around the fire place. If you had been there you would have seen this:

Then I turned 32 in January and the tomfoolery began at the Glowing Greens mini golf course. I highly recommend it for all ages and abilities.

After the shark attack we had a party at Jackey and Faye's house. Fun was had by all and I can prove it (click on any picture to enlarge, but do so at your own risk)
Clearly these people are having a good time. Alcohol may have been involved, but who can tell? They're pretty much always like that.

I have the best friends and family in the world. I hope they never lose me.

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Spinnergy said...

Nice recap. Very well done. Thanks!