Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Did I really just....

quit my job?!?! Wait a minute, I didn't really just quit my job, did I?? Someone get Bob on the phone, cause somethings gone wrong.

Okay, I quit my job. And it sucks just as much as it rules. I'm a woman of leisure now. Which I thought would include a lot more daytime court TV. But so far I've only seen Perry Mason once.

I miss all my friends at work. I miss my desk. I miss my morning routine. I really miss my paycheck.

Here's the photo recap of my last day at Coldstream

The A-Team makes great angels (rock that pout Ri!)

My lovely desk and all my crap

Check the view!

Me and my BFF

Ri-Ri and Matt making mimosas, the breakfast of champions!

The lovely miss Anita

Kori and I looking smokin hot in our spectacles

Gretchen trying to ignore my awesome french braids

Bob leaves to hide his tears. It's okay Bob, I'll still visit you.

I'm sleeping in for all of us! I love and miss you guys! Feel free to fart in my chair now.

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Spinnergy said...

Who's that in the foreground looking so sex-y?

It's me! It's me!