Sunday, August 9, 2009

6 Months

The boy is 6 months old today. No way is that possible! It really seems like just yesterday that he was born. Parents always say time goes by so fast with your children and now I know why.
Charlie's an amazing person already. He laughs all the time even though he can be a bit moody. He smiles whenever Paul or I walk into the room but often cries huge crocodile tears when the checkout lady smiles at him.
He can't roll over yet, still working on that one, but he can suck on his toes all day long. He's in the 99th percentile for his length (71.5 cm) which means he's a tall boy. If you can describe someone who can't yet stand up as "tall". He's outgrown lots of his 6-9 month clothes and wears onesies for 12 month olds!
He has one dimple on his left cheek, in the exact same place as Paul. When he gets excited about anything he throws his hands out, then back in, clasping his hands together under his chin. It's so cute and so very coy.
He loves to play hide-n-seek! But not your average game of hide-n-seek where you just hide behind your hands. He loves it when you stand behind a wall and then jump out.
Whenever we pass a mirror he likes to stop and flirt unabashedly with himself. When we nurse he prods my nostrils and tugs at my lip.
He's interested in anything we're eating or drinking and will eat anything I put on a spoon. The other day he had pureed zucchini, he wasn't too sure about it and even gagged a few times but then he ate it all up. He's learning how to use his pink sippy cup, he never really did the whole bottle thing.
He still loves being outside and giggles when he sees any other babies or kids. Next month we can start "Tots Club". It's a Mom and baby playgroup just down the road at one of the old churches. It's only two quid in, but tea will cost you 60p and toast will set you back 25p.


Napkin's Family said...

Augh! I wanna snuggle him! Thanks for the post. Don't forget to tell us about yourself too. It's like being a newlywed to the baby.

judyette said...

better start watchin out for those pearly whites! when they start showin themselves, you'll be happy for only lip tugs and fingers in the nose :) hopefully, he'll take after his mom and not get any till he's nearly one.
i'd say he's having way too much fun rolling round on his back, he has no incentive whatsoever to turn over :) what an awesome mom you are, and what a lucky little boy!!! much love to all three of you!!!

traci said...

oh my goodness Sher!!! You have quite a cutie on your hands. I absolutely LOVE all your photos. He's getting so big! I can't believe I am down to the 10 week stretch-- YIKES! Well, I love the updates and would LOVE another Skype date soon. Hugs and kisses to you and the fam! xoxoxoxo