Thursday, July 16, 2009

Picture Post

Legwarmers aren't just for ladies!

Charlie has just started weaning and he loves eating new food

And by new food, I mean my face

Charlie having a particularly good mohawk day

If Charlie had a myspace page this would be his profile picture!

Here is my beautiful new niece Kayla, born July 14th -7lbs 6oz
Congratulations to my sister Rose!


Napkin's Family said...

THANK YOU FOR POSTING PHOTOS!!! I love his eyes! So much like Mama's. I love the leg warmers. I make all my long stripped socks into leg warmers for the kids after I wear out the toes.

Amy said...

Such beautiful pictures, Sherrie. He is a gorgeous one, isn't he. I wish we could hang out; you, me and the kids.