Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top Ten Things I Miss About Portland

(besides my friends and family, cause that's a given really)

1. Drinking beers with my friends on a porch in summertime, just shootin' the breeze for hours.
2. Getting Stumptown coffee on a Sunday morning, then crawling back in bed to read the Sunday comics.
3. Spag Fac dates with Jenn.
4. Getting lost in the corn maze & picking berries on Sauvie Island.
5. Sleepovers at my Mom's with my sisters.
6. Making movies with Rene.
7. Eating sushi and drinking sake at Kappaya.
8. Rollerskating at Oaks Park.
9. Driving over the bridges and taking in the view that never gets old.
10. Bloody Marys at The Space Room.

All you Portlanders know what I'm talking about. Enjoy what you have there, it's a lot. And don't you think for one second that we're not moving back someday. Cause we are.

Damn, now I'm super homesick! I miss you all so much! Love you too!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutly love your blog. I stumbled upon it today , and I wish you the best with baby .