Thursday, July 31, 2008

Looking, Learning, Moving On

I've never really been self conscience of the way I look, well not since I've been an adult anyway. I can usually pass by people without getting much of a second glance. I might get the occasional cat call from some slimy guy in a Trans-Am. And yeah, I'm slightly tall but not freaky tall. And the odd pimple will make me hide my face in shame. But basically I'm just your average brunette blessed with legs for days, petite feet and natural red high lights :)

So it's been a new experience for me being scrutinized by strangers in the street. They look at my belly as if to say "So what's the deal here? Are you, like, fat but only in the stomach area? Or are you pregnant? Cause you look like an orange between two toothpicks"

I always figured there must be an awkward middle stage of pregnancy where you're showing but only a little and you just look really bloated. Well, I was right. So my answer to this problem is to walk like what I think pregnant women walk like. I stick my belly out as far as it will go. I waddle a little and swing my arms. I hold my back and look put out. I think it's working.

I've been buying a few things here and there for the baby. It's hard trying to buy for both a girl and a boy. I've ended up with lots of white and yellow items. Here's what I've got so far:

My friend Erin was kind enough to give me her old maternity pants. I don't think I'm quite ready for them yet.

"I lost 46 pounds in three days!"

Here's your latest belly shot. Let's all compare it to last weeks, shall we?

Yeah, no doubt, it's bigger. But I did eat half a carton of ice cream last night. And not to be cliche either. I really and truly wanted ice cream. And Paul had to go to the store specifically to get it. Oh gawd...I'm in a sitcom.

Side Note to all my yummy mummies out there: I am having the most vivid dreams lately. And many in one night. Is this a common side effect to being pregnant?

I got two really terrific books in the mail this week. The first one is from my oldest friend in the whole wide world. It's awesome so far!
I'm scared. Very scared.

The second is a baby book from Ebay. It was only 7 pounds, which is about $3.50. What a bargain. And it's got bears in it (yes Rene, it's neither boy nor girl but bear)

This is definitely a book from Britain!
-"What's a Prime Minister, mommy?"
-"I have no freaking idea, sweetheart"

But really I bought it for the illustrations and the pockets it has for keepsakes. They are really cute and include little insects. I'm a sucker for anything with a dragonfly!

But not everything we buy these days is for baby. Just yesterday Paul bought himself a new shirt! Unfortunately it was this one.

And anyone who knows him can see that he's wearing it in an ironical way. But everyone else thinks he's an idiot.

In other news...We planted some old potatoes in a chest of drawers we found in the street. And we harvested the first one last week! I was so excited that they actually grew. Here's the first and only potato to come out so far:

Paul took this blurry photo. Let's just say that empty bottle of Becks was not alone.

We went to Liverpool again for a few shows (Jules Holland & The Australian Pink Floyd). Paul's work put us up at a really shwanky hotel, in a great suite. We took some photos but they don't really show you how cool the room was (kitchenette, big bathroom, recliner couch). But there are loads of orbs in the photos! I counted 15 in one of the shots. Ya gotta click on the pic and make it big to really see them all. Weird....

Keep feeling fascination!
Love, Sher


Anonymous said...

You have no idea how happy I get when I see a new post from you! I sit in my cubicle and chuckle while my coworkers ask what is so funny. then I say "ohhh my friend is preggers and she writes a blog and its soooo funny..." But then I realize they aren't lucky enough to know you and Paul. poor them!

Napkin's Family said...

YES, vivid and random dreaming is a side effect of pregnancy. I think it's because you wake up so often to go to the bathroom etc. so your sleep cycles are interrupted. I hear that it's common to dream of giving birth to some kind of animal. I gave birth to a cat that changed into a mouse.

Malia said...

Those baby clothes are so cute! I especially like the elephant and the kangaroo (or a dinosaur??)

And Paul finally bought one of the airbrush-y animal shirts! But I'm surprised he didn't get a unicorn shirt, I know we looked at some sweet ones on the 'net!

Mary said...

Sherrie, Its aunt Mary from Alabama, Your mom gave me this link in a email. I am so happy for you and Paul. Boys are not hard to raise. Send me your email and I will write you. Mine is I'll send you some pictures of Santana's twins. I love you,