Friday, June 13, 2008

Feeling Awesome

Just when you're feeling low, your oldest friend in the whole wide world sends you this:

It really made my day! I love Valley Girls! (right Jenn?!) And it has to be one of the best books ever written. Okay, that may be a bit of an over statement but just check out this passage and decide for yourself:

"Barf me out: interj. to respond negatively to a highly unsavory situation; nauseating, too skanky for words, quite putrid. Syn. gag me with a spoon. 'Sheryl's mom, like she's a total space cadet, like barf me out, she like made Sheryl throw her dead beta fish down the garbage disposal, right?'"

Dead beta fish...pure gold! So I'm happy and ever so content these days. We bought a new car (well, new to us)! It's an estate car called a Vauxhall Astra. This is what it looks like, but in green:

We bought it at the car auction. Which is quite a surreal experience. They just sell cars one after the other, like every four minutes. And some go for stupid cheap but the popular ones can go for about what their worth. The catch is that you don't really know if there's anything wrong with it. You can look under the hood and see the mileage before it goes through, but thats all really. So it's a bit of a gamble. We went on a recon mission to the auction before so we knew the score. The trick is to get there early. So we got there before it started and then bid on the very first car through. People don't bid too aggressively on the first 20 or so cars. So we got our new family wagon for 240 pounds! A bargain! So far the only thing wrong with it is that it has a slightly leaky gas tank. Not good. But we bought a new one and it will be installed next week. We're really pleased!

Paul is starting up a new gardening business and has already got some clients. He's doing CMI still in the meantime, but hopes to quit soon. He always impresses me with how much he believes in himself. I'd be scared to start up my own business, but he has every confidence that it will work out. So do I. He inspires me to start doing photography for a living. I will go to school in 2011 and get all my formal training, can I do it without the degree? Yikes. It's all so scary. Something to think about.

I got offered a position at the science museum here in Birmingham, but it was only part time, working every Saturday and Sunday. I'm not taking it. I really thought with my museum background and skills I would be perfect for the full time position they had on offer. Clearly they're illiterate and like so totally lame.

So my next adventure will be trying to get a position with the University of Birmingham. I've always wanted to work at a university. And if I have to do admin work, at least it's in a good environment that will motivate me.


Jina said...

Yay, this one is labeled "Good Times"! I'm glad things are getting better for you and Paul now. That's really funny about the valley girl book!! Could anything be more 80's?! Haha. And actually, the car auction thing is pretty funny, also! I'm picturing a car with a circle of chalk around it, and all of these people in the crowd, running up to it and jumping on it like monkeys or something!

xeandra said...

But I thought "The Totally Awesome Val Guide...Fer Shurrr!!!" was the best book ever written! I guess there both like totally bitchen.

From the Val Guide:

"How to move like a Val... The Valley girl grabs onto a guy and lets him like drag her around behind him in tiny steps. Important: A valley girl will gaze up at the guy with total love and adoration, and tilt her head to the side in the basic shoulder-rest position. Not only is this comfortable, but it also allows her to like see around the side of his head to know whether he is looking at like Van Halen records, or mentally tearing the clothes off some other girl."