Tuesday, April 8, 2008

College: Stage One-Complete

I don't want to get too excited (in case I don't get in) but I found the perfect place to study photography! It's the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, or BIAD for short, check that link. It's a part of the Birmingham City University, they call any university "Uni" over here. I went there for an open day today. I took a tour of the campus and then had a short presentation about the school and department. I was with a group of very young, pimply faced art students feeling quite old and out of place. It's a very well known school that has cutting edge technology and it's just downtown, practically right across the street from where I was meant to be working. I got a good feeling from the place.

So the next step is to fill in the application, which won't be easy since the school system here is completely different from in the states. Then try to get an interview. Then sort out my funding. But I have two important people on my side. My friend Ang works in college administration helping students find funding and grants. I will be meeting with her next week to get some help with all that. Also Paul has a friend named Leggo and he's (get this!) the main photography lecturer at BIAD. How great is that?!? I haven't actually met him, but hope to very soon so I can get some advice on my portfolio. And perhaps even a recommendation. Which would practically put my name on a seat and order my lunch for me.

In some ways I hate to even write stuff like this down because I'm a big believer in jinxes, but I'm so excited I just had to share. Who knows where I'll end up, but as my Mom always says "Everything happens for a reason". I hope this will work out and unfortunately it's not one of those things you can just leave to fate, I will have to work my bollocks off to make this a reality. But at this point there's nothing holding me back from doing everything I have to do. It ain't like I got a job or anything.

Speaking of the job, the pain is wearing off more each day. I think it was so upsetting because I hate to let people down. It's just not my style. I have limited time to get all my paperwork in and meet with the appropriate people, so not having to go to work each day makes that much easier. And of course a big shout out to my fantastic husband who is behind me 100% and doesn't mind eating Top Ramon for the next few years.

In other news....

Bean is doing really good. She's learned to walk up the stairs but can not physically get back down them, which has lead to multiple "accidents" in our bedroom. She's getting used to her red sweater, walking in the park and being bullied by all the other, bigger dogs. I've had a few questions regarding the Beanster. First off she's a GIRL, which will warrant the bows I'll be putting in her hair in a few more months. She's a Yorkshire Terrier with a bit of Jack Russell throw in for good measure. She turned three months old April 4th, which makes her birthday January 4th, the day before mine. Cute, innit?

Paul is rocking steady. The powers that be are working on getting him a full time position with CMI. It's by no means in the bag yet but it would mean more money, a company car (aww yeah!) and steady work. Again, I go back to the jinxing thing, so act like I didn't even bring it up. But one good thing that has already happened is they helped pay for a new laptop! I think we'll still repair our old one, that "someone" stepped on, and it will be mine for school. Ya know, I think my Mom was right.

The weather here has been crazy! It snowed a few days ago. And not like a little snow either, a lot! Of course it was all melted by dusk. Bean was a bit freaked at first but after awhile she was diggin' it with two shovels!

Thankfully, the largest underwear in the world was saved from the snow storm

Our backyard was not

Moms love this sort of thing

The great Gaddesby Road

"Don't you eat that yellow snow"

Oh Bean, why you so cute?


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad to hear that things are coming together, your mom was right! I'm so excited to hear about the photography program, by the looks of the pics you've taken for the blog, you should be a shoe in!

I love your blog, and love hearing about how things are going for you while i'm at my lameo job. I'll be thinking of you and keep us all posted! Miss you!

T-Bone said...

Thanks for the fabulous update! Glad things are going so well... your spirits seem much higher than before. And the photography program sounds absolutely perfect for you! I must say I am a bit jealous. Anywho, take good care of yourself and say hello to the fam, and good luck with everything. You'll be great! La la la love you lots!!

Malia said...

Are those pantaloons flapping in the wind? What a view!
Great to hear you're going to school! Dad's being pessimistic about it all, but I'm sure you'll get in, even if there's some greasy kid's for competition. Good luck and miss/love you tons!

Jina said...

Yay, exiting! I'm glad things are going better for you now, and you sound happier. I'm sure you'll get into that school, if not because of your super-photo talent, because they don't want to look at pimply faces all day! Or like Rae says,"pimplified acne-blossoms". Haha. Beans is just the cutest little doggie ever!

Haha I like the picture of the underwear on a clothesline, that made me laugh.

Love you<3

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Sam said...

Photography, excellent choice. I hope you've upgraded from the old SLR I remember you having long ago.

I think it is a tossup on whether the dog or your old insect collection is cuter :)

judyette said...

even awesomer photos...no need to point out my fav, and sorry it took so long to view it...been indisposed in florida, haha!