Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer Photo Recap! Part 1

The brutal reality of dino life seen on our visit to The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

The Transport Museum! Nerdy fun at it's best.

Chachi is a big fan of trains, we rode on this one twice

But not without the proper eye protection

Just another day at the office.

We took an hour long bus journey on an old double decker to Henley In Arden

Cousin Jazzy, Charlie's second most favorite person in the world.

Our trip to the Umberslade Children's farm with Penny and Ernie

Look! A freakin' duck!

He sat here like this for so long! Just looking at the water and thinking about stuff.

Farm cat stretching in the sun

Teepees for rent in the field. Lets go!

Givin' a buddy a helpin' hand

Hmm...what's going on in here?

Ahh, I see...


More photos to come of our eventful summer. But my computer has been at the doctors and I wanted to get this out into cyber world so you didn't think I dropped off the face of the planet.


judyette said...

just now found these pix, soooo darling!!! he's growing up fast, wow! love you all!!

Gramps said...

Awsume pic's indeed! England has some great places to visit. I need to get there! My boy's looking Great!!!