Monday, August 9, 2010

Surgery Update For Those Who Give A Crap

I went to the new QE, Queen Elizabeth of course, Hospital on August 3rd for an ear grommet. I figured it would be local anesthesia but turns out it's actually general. I was told to be there at seven thirty in the morning. When I got there I was stuck in a waiting hall with a load of other people having minor surgery that day. I got called in around 8:00am and was shown to bed number 33. And there Paul and I waited until 11:30am!! We talked, read and I snoozed for an hour. Finally they marked a big black X on my left ear, slapped an identification band on my wrist, taped my wedding ring to my finger and wheeled me into theater. I got a cannula put in my wrist and an oxygen mask placed over my mouth. Then my wrist started to ache. Then my body got all relaxed and then...lights out.

I came to in the recovery room after sleeping off the drugs for half an hour. I felt fine. Actually really fine. They wheeled me back to Paul who planted a big kiss on my dry lips. Then they brought me a ham sandwich and a cuppa. I was famished after having fasted for almost 18 hours, so that thin little sandwich tasted like the best thing in the world.

They like to see you chill out for an hour or two after surgery and keep an eye on you. I was doing great and didn't need any pain medication. So we left around 3:30pm to scoop up Chachi from Eve's house.

All in all it was a big success! And it was free! My hearing is slowly returning to normal as the swelling goes down. It's fantastic to be hearing things again! I was dreading being put under again. It's really creepy, knowing they turned you over, threw a tube down your throat and God knows what else, all while you were passed out with some dumb look on your face. But it's totallty worth it to be normal again.

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