Monday, July 12, 2010

What next...scurvy?!?

For some reason my weak Oregonian immune system has trouble fighting off English illnesses. I seem to acquire a new one each time I move here. The first trip saw me swollen, unhappy and in pain with shingles. Which has left me with a nasty scar on my nose that Charlie likes to point at. He's also real handy when you have a zit.

I fell victim to "Glue Ear" a year ago. I'm sure you have all heard me moaning on and on about it for the last year. But it really is a most annoying condition. I was at my worst last Christmas time. I remember sitting in the dining room with Paul and our friend Marcus not being able to participate in the conversation whatsoever. I could not understand a thing that Marcus said. This situation was made worse by his deep voice, Brummie accent and the copious amounts of Christmas cheer they were consuming. I quietly retired to the living room to watch TV turned up to the max.

I've been on an NHS waiting list for 6 months now for an operation to get grommets inserted which will help the fluid drain and therefore restore my hearing. And just yesterday I finally got my long awaited for letter in the mail! I have a pre-admission session on July 26th and my surgery on August 3. They have included the visiting hours and a warning about no longer allowing flowers to be brought onto the wards. Does this mean I have to stay in the hospital over night?? I hope not, we all know I've spent more than enough time on shared hospital wards.

I'm nervous about the operation but very excited to get back to normal. This condition has impacted my life in so many negative ways and put a halt to any socializing for months. But it's not all bad. Here are a few good things about being deaf:
~I can't hear Paul snoring at night.
~My ears don't pop on car journeys over hills.
~If I'm asked to do something I don't wanna do I just pretend I didn't hear the request.
~It's a great excuse for not answering the door/phone to someone I don't wanna see/talk to.

Yay deaf! I'll keep y'all posted on these upcoming events.

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