Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Put down that box of broken glass Charlie!"

As a Mom you do everything you can to protect your children, unless you are trying to cook dinner and your child is tugging on your pant leg while you carry a pot of boiling water to the sink. In that case you will do anything to keep that child entertained and away from your generally klutzy legs. Short of playing with rat poison, an actual rat or sharp knives the boy can entertain himself with anything that will keep him out of my hair for at least 10 minutes.

The other night he played in the freezer. Not so great for the electric bill or the planet, but damnit, I got dinner finished without a single pot of boiling water being spilled on anyone.

As I write this he's bringing me all the contents of the food cabinet. I'm surrounded by custard powder, peanut butter, coffee and taco shells. But hey, I got to post something finally! Totally worth the clean up. Who wants tacos?!

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