Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Son Is One!

Name: Charles Allan Dooney

: Chachi, Charlie, Chacharelli, Babykins, Chimps, Cha Cha

: One year old today!

: Full time baby

: Being naked, pushing buttons, chasing Bean around the house, playing in the ball pit, turning pages of books, trying to eat Bean's food, pulling hair, having his picture taken, taking walks in the park, biting noses, giving love slaps to loved ones, opening prezzies, feeding Bean his food and having a good nursing session

: Pointing, music, clean laundry, Pee-Wee Herman, standing up, paper, stripy socks and cars

: Getting dressed, having his hair washed, being told "No", when Mommy goes upstairs without him and when Daddy leaves

Best Mates
: Ernie and Leo

Favorite Foods
: Spaghetti, fish, cookies of any kind, scrambled eggs, toast, yogurt, cheese and Mango Chicken sandwiches from Gregg's

Favorite Song
: The music to the end credits of Gilmore Girls

Favorite Person In The World
(besides Mom & Dad): Big sister Maria

Best Features: Big green eyes and long legs

Best Attribute: Amazing sense of humor

Worst Habit: Farting in the bathtub

Perfect Day
: Pancakes and scrambled eggs for brekkie then a super long nap in between Mommy and Daddy in their bed. Then off to Hickory Dickory Playhouse for fun on cushy mats followed by another nap with Harvey the rabbit in my crib. And after my nap a full evening of climbing on Mommy and Daddy while eating cookies. And to top it all off absolutely no bath but lots of nursing, my "Night, Night Baby" book and then off to sleep!

Two Most Favorite Things In The World
: Boobs and butterflies

From This...

To This...

Charlie laughed so hard in the bath this night that he pooped in the tub! You can sorta make it out under his left elbow.


judyette said...

honored to be the first comment!!
happy happy birthday chachi!!! he is precious beyond belief!!! the last pic, the bathtub one, he is his mom made over, looks just like you :)
great photography, all the way around!!
LOVE to you all!!!

Jina said...

Happy Birthday Charlie! These are all great pictures and the part about farting in the tub made me laugh :]


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