Sunday, October 11, 2009

8 Months

The boy loves his strawberries! And he loves to laugh! Sometimes I start laughing at him and then he starts laughing at me laughing and then we just laugh and laugh together. It's awesome.

We visited Terry and Stu at their allotment the other day. They were working hard on all their veg while we took it easy in the shade and had some lunch. We have our names on a waiting list for a plot in the same allotment as them, we're number 5. So right around the time Charlie is old enough to put to work diggin' and plantin' our turn should come up!

Charlie got his first cold a few weeks ago. You may be able to spot the snot in this shot. It was horrible! I felt so bad for him, he was obviously confused as to what was happening to him and why he couldn't breath. It lasted a full week and it was hell. But he's all better now.

This photo is deceiving, Charlie could never manage a piece of food that big. He hasn't mastered the skill of chewing yet and chokes on anything bigger than a pea. But he's still eating everything we give him and I'm slowly introducing more chunks. He loves toast, ice cream, spaghetti, sweet potatoes, semolina, yogurt, fish and bananas.

Oh and apples!

We ate these for dinner that night. They were delicious!

He can sit up all on his own now! He can roll over from back to front but not front to back. He gets stuck on his tummy in his crib all the time. Arrggg!

Here he is with our friend Tay. He's not exactly into other people yet. Other babies? Yes! But strangers are a drag.

We take him and Beans to the park all the time and he loves it. He touches the trees, watches Bean run up ahead, is mesmerized by the ducks and likes walking through the row of Oregon trees.

He's a big fan of Daddy's. When he comes home from work Charlie is all smiles.

He's just learned how to clap! I'm amazed. How can something so simple bring me so much joy?

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judyette said...

i can't leave this collection of cuteness un-comment-adorned. don't know how i missed it when ya posted it! guess i wuz too bizzy gettin ready to have you here WITH ME, yeah!!!! charlie is precious beyond words, and you do an awesome job of capturing this on cam.