Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer Has Begun!

We took Charlie to his first summer "fete" (a posh English word for fair) at St Anne's Church, just a few blocks from our house. They had a raffle, cream tea and lots of stalls selling brick-a-brack. We were checking out some ceramic cooking pots when a man came up to me and said "Those are a bargain at just five pounds and they're quite heavy." I picked one up and said "Oh GOD! It is heavy, you could really kill a man with that!"
Then I realized I was talking to the vicar. Nice one, Sher.

The good weather has finally reached Great Britain! We spend all day out in the backyard taking advantage of it while it's here.

Check the new hairdo!


Anonymous said...

Holy f these are the cutest pics ever! I love the first one and hot hair girlfriend! I started a blog too since I'm in Juneau for summer, check it
Love you!

judyette said...

precious precious pix!! love your new do, how come my hair adventures don't turn out that great?! i woudn't even know what vicar was cept for all those brit coms under my belt. hey,those turned out to be good education! sit anywhere elizabeth...but not THERE! mind the pedestrian richard! ji and i were just yesterday wondering if charlie had the clark little finger, does he? your dad's fingernails were the first thing i noticed about you when you were born. cool that trait got passed on. happy summer!!! love ya!!

Amy said...

Ooh, loooove the hair-do! Almost as cute as that baby face! Life looks good, Sherrie.

Jina said...

Yet again, these are adorable pictures! And your hair looks awesome.

I'm really happy for you, you guys have the cutest little family over there with Charlie and Beans and everything :] I'm glad you take so many pictures of it all, they're really fun to look at and it makes it seem like you guys aren't quite as far away as you are.