Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holiday In North Wales

Here's our cottage

And our crazy good view

Naked baby! Check that belly!

Beans loves the beach

Watching some telly with Daddy

Beanie has a bit of lap jealousy going on


Charlie's first train trip, on the Snowdon Mountain Railway

We had a great time in Barmouth! We just took it easy, walking to the beach everyday, flying kites, collecting rocks, playing games and seriously relaxing. It was amazing.


Spinnergy said...

I want to use #14 as the cover art for my imaginary band's album. Maybe I'll name the album "BWWWAAHHHHH!!!"?

Thanks Sherrie & Paul! I'll totally give you some royalties.

Napkin's Family said...

YAY!!! PICTURES! Thanks for posting, I was missing your blogs.

Charlie has Mama's eyes.

Rose said...

Oh Sis... he's so precious!!! :)

Jina said...

These are great pictures! It looks like you guys are having lots of fun, and Charlie just gets cuter in every picture :]

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I wish I could see you guys in action, I'm sure it would be so adorable I wouldn't be able to stand it. When will you guys and your precious bundle be back in the states? Not fair that those English folks get to gander at him and we don't... yeah, I'm jealous!